Springuard Trident System

A Low Profile Alternative for even less visibility

Ideal ledge product to Control Problems with Pigeons and Gulls.

Springuard Trident™ anti-bird roosting system is used as an alternative mounting option to our standard Springuard post and wire anti roosting system. Springuard Trident™ further reduces potential penetration of the substrate.


Our Springuard Tridentâ„¢ was developed to protect exposed surfaces where pigeon or gull infestation is light to moderate and to do it so discreetly that most people are unaware that bird barriers are even in place.

Here are some reasons why Springuard Trident™ Anti-Bird Roosting system outperforms the competition:

  • Reduces penetration of the substrata.
  • Uniform installation.
  • Very low profile.
  • Difficult to detect once installed.
  • Can be attached using adhesive or by mechanical means.
  • Non-destructive installation, easily reversible.
  • Low maintenance. All stainless steel construction.
  • Two year limited warranty. Extended warranties available.

Springuard Trident™

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