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and Conservation

For over 25 years, BirdMaster has been protecting our nation’s architectural and historic treasures from pest bird infestations.

Our bird control portfolio includes: The Statue of Liberty (New York), Philadelphia's Independence Hall, the National Cathedral in Washington, DC and a legion of other prestigious landmarks. Our commitment to historic preservation has led to assignments on the campuses of nearly every Ivy League college, and most of the government buildings lining Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC.
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Bird Control Risk Assessment Consultancy Service

BirdMaster helps architects, builders and project managers identify areas of possible concerns.

A bird control specialist will evaluate the site's bird infestation threat level, and determine design elements and conditions on the new construction and renovation that may pose a species-specific attractant. Find out why BirdMaster is the Architects' choice for bird control.
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Why BirdMaster™ is trusted
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"BirdMaster is the world leader in bird control
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